How Much Does A 3x3x8 Bale Of Alfalfa Weigh?

How much does a large square bale of hay cost?

Hay bales by the ton.Hay gradeBale typeMin.

price/ tonLarge square$160Large round$120Grade 1Small square$160Large square$1205 more rows.

How many round bales do you get per acre?

100 balesWith an average bale weight of around 40 pounds (with our Abbriata small square baler or any of our mini round balers), that’s 100 bales to the acre for a first cutting.

How long is hay good for?

three yearsYou can store hay indefinitely if the stack is managed correctly; although, in humid climates, using hay within three years of harvest is ideal.

How much does a small square bale of alfalfa cost?

Alfalfa hay in small square bales is selling at around $6/bale with some reports of around $7/bale, he said.

How much does a 2 string bale of alfalfa weigh?

60 to 70 lbs2 string bales of grass hay usually run 45 to 55lbs. 2 string alfalfa with good leaf retention and 12 – 16 % moisture will weigh 60 to 70 lbs. 3 string bales can go up to 110lbs in Alfalfa and 90 lbs in good Bermuda grass hay. There are large bales as well that holds up to 1 ton.

How much does a 4×5 bale of hay weigh?

TablesBale Size (ft)Est. Bale Weight 2 (lb)Bale Weight After Storage Loss3 (lb)4x45124614x58007204x61,1531,0375×51,0009002 more rows

How much does a 3 string bale of hay cost?

Bale #1 = $ 8.50 per bale; weight is 100 pounds. Bale #2 = $ 9.00 per bale; weight is 125 pounds. Example I: Bale #2: (2000 lb) x $9.00 = $144.00 per ton 125 lb.

How many flakes are in a 2 string bale of hay?

16 flakesEach bale has 16 flakes. The difference is 5.6 vs 7.2 lbs. To ensure that your horses are receiving the appropriate amount of hay, check the bale weight and average number of flakes per bale for each hay load. Feeding by scoops or flakes will work as long as know the weight for the volume of feed that is being fed.

How many bales are in a ton of alfalfa?

20 balesIf you’re talking alfalfa, then the bales can weigh around 100 pounds (it can vary, too). If they’re 100 pounds, then you’re talking 20 bales to a ton.

How many round bales are in a big square bale?

Round bales have the same amount of hay as about twenty square bales. They are designed to be moved using tractors. Instead of having to move twenty square bales out of the field, into the barn, then back out to the cattle during the winter, one large bale is moved with a tractor.

How much does a corn stalk bale weigh?

approximately 1,500 poundsIt is not always convenient to weigh large bales, so corn stover is often priced by the bale instead of the ton. If a typical large bale of corn stover weighs approximately 1,500 pounds (0.75 tons), then the value per ton can be multiplied by 0.75 to arrive at a price per bale.

How much does a 3×4 bale of alfalfa weigh?

Cattle ranches use large round bales, typically 4 to 6 feet in diameter and weighing from 1000 to 2000 lb. Good average protein on horse quality Alfalfa hay is 17 to 19%. You can not tell the nutritional levels by looking at the hay.

How many small bales are in a 3x3x8 bale?

We rebaled some big square 3x3x8 into small squares and on average we got about 12 . But the bales came out pretty long because of the quantity we was feeding into the baler at a time .

How much does a round bale of hay cost 2020?

Large round bale straw averaged $58.00 per bale (a range of $40.00 – $85.00). In Nebraska, hay sold steady, demand is light in 2020. Some are having a hard time delivering hay because of muddy conditions. In Iowa, hay prices are lower compared to prices earlier in the fall.

How much does a rolled bale of hay weigh?

If you asked most people what the round bales they baled or bought weighed they would probably tell you a number between 1,000 and 1,200 pounds.

How much does a round bale of grass hay cost?

Of course, this a supply/demand story right now for the hay market. Large round bales of hay are selling for $75 to $90 per ton higher than a year ago, McGill says. Specifically, alfalfa-grade hay bales are priced between $140 and $165 per ton, while grass, midquality hay bales are selling for $125 to $150 per ton.

Can a horse have too much alfalfa?

In fact, some horses are so sensitive to alfalfa they cannot tolerate even small amounts. Too much alfalfa requires a lot of calcium to buffer the acidic metabolites from protein metabolism. If there is not enough calcium available, the body will remove calcium from the bones, joints, and muscles.

How much does a small square straw bale weigh?

100 lbsSmall Hay Bales For those feeding a small amount of livestock, small, square hay bales are recommended as they can be easily carried by hand – dimensions of these bales, held together by three strings, is around 16” high x 22” wide x 44” long and usually weighs 100 lbs.

How much is a bale of alfalfa?

Which alfalfa hay cost less? Bale #1 = $ 8.50 per bale; weight is 100 pounds. Bale #2 = $ 9.00 per bale; weight is 125 pounds.

How heavy is a square bale of hay?

807 to 1,435 poundsHow much does a large square bale of hay weigh? Large square bales come in different sizes and values. Typically, they come in three sizes: 3 inches x 3 in x 3 in x 8 in, 3 in, 4 in x 8 in, 4 in x 4 in x 8 in. In pounds, they range from 807 to 1,435 pounds.

How many square bales are in a 4×5 round bale?

For example, if the round bale weighs 1,000 pounds, then it equals 20 of your 50-pound small square bales. If the large round-bale weighs 1,200 pounds and the small square bales weigh 40 pounds, then one large round hay bale would be equal to 30 small square bales.